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Mixing Bowl Kitchen South Valley

Inside the Mixing Bowl Kitchen

The Mixing Bowl provides South Valley and Albuquerque residents interested in starting their own food-related businesses with a facility that serves as a launch pad for their food-based business.  The kitchen is an FDA licensed commercial kitchen and is outfitted with modern, commercial-grade cooking and filling equipment.  The Mixing Bowl helps lower the costs of launching a food-based business and provides the necessary equipment for businesses to reach the scale it needs to succeed.

As part of the South Valley Economic Development Center, Mixing Bowl clients have access to training, mentoring, and coaching both in-house and through its partners. The kitchen assists businesses with the writing of the operational plan required for food businesses based in Bernalillo County and helps navigate acidified food product approval by the New Mexico Process Authority. The kitchen also provides clients with opportunities to collaborate and network with other food producers, distributors, co-packers, and buyers.

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Phone: 505.217.2463

318 Isleta Blvd
Albuquerque, NM 87105